Your living room might be your new favorite date night destination. 

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So, how do Dance Dates work?

It's easy peasy darling. Dance Dates are an online learning experience that you can stream 24/7 with lifetime access and a 30 day money back guarantee.

  1. Slide your coffee table over.
  2. Login to Dance Dates on your phone, tablet or computer.
  3. Enjoy laughing and learning with your partner in the comfort (and safety) of your own home.
  4. Replay, repeat and dance as often as you'd like. 

Read on to see which dance style peaks your interest.

Dance Dates:

Swing Volume 1


Student Favorite

  • Learn 13 playful and sultry swing moves in 6 easy to remember combos
  • Learn a versatile style with elements of blues, west coast swing, and jitterbug
  • BONUS: Technique videos to help you master your moves
  • BONUS: Dance theses steps to the included Swing Favorites playlist 
  • BONUS: Download Step List for quick review of all your new moves

Click HERE to purchase Swing Volume 1 as a gift.


Dance Dates: 

Foundation Series


Best Value

  • Learn 12 versatile moves in 4 progressive date night dance lessons
  • Learn the skill of lead and follow in a structure that feels like a real private lesson
  • Ideal for weddings and connecting on a new level
  • BONUS: Dance these steps to the included Personal Favorites playlist
  • BONUS: Download Class Notes for each date night for quick review

Click HERE to purchase Foundation Series as a gift.


We're celebrating 10 years of 5 star reviews!

See what our students have to say.

"It was worth every penny. We had a fun time connecting with one another, learning to listen to each other, and bonding on a different level then we've ever experienced before."


"Raymond and Emily are a dynamite team with a passion for dance that is contagious. I cannot recommend Melonlight highly enough. Truly a delightful experience."


"Quality of instruction was amazing and as someone who can't dance (and know it very well) and is therefore extremely self conscious - they helped me get over that in a hurry!" 


Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there (future) dancer.

It's Emily and Raymond here. We fell in love on the dance floor almost 20 years ago. Since then we've taught thousands of couples to connect and make magic on the dance floor (aka your living room.) Check out our Dance Dates collection and invite dance into your love story right now.

Or shall we give it a 5, 6, 7, 8?

Sneak a peak at Dance Dates

Here we are teaching at our beautiful historic ballroom in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Can I get an Amen for the internet?! Because now the dance lessons can travel to you, virtually of course.


A few more rave reviews...

"So the class was excellent! I got more out of the first class than I have ever leared in any other dance classes."


"Wow! We are having so much fun! We've taken lessons in the past, but nothing really ever stuck. With Raymond and Emily's connection method we can move to any music! After just one lesson and ten minutes of practice, we are moving to the music and enjoying dancing together. This is totally changing the way we dance together. Thank you! "


"Everything they do, they do with excellence. Love them, and of course their dancing!" 


Couples, now it's your turn

to make great date nights and future dance moments. See you in Dance Dates.

melon love,
Emily + Raymond
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