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Remembering What Dance Does for Us (from the perspective of a married couple)

Imagine there are three doors placed right in front of you.

Really there’s probably like three thousand doors, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s call it three. 

The doors are plain, metal, boring. But each of them is labeled in a solid large black font. One says FOOD, one says SEX and the last says DANCE. Those words mean something to all of us, but what’s actually behind each door depends on who you are. 

For instance, what’s behind the food door on Wednesday afternoon with my kids (likely grilled cheese sandwiches) is very different from when I walk through that same door on a Friday night date with my husband (sushi I hope.) 

Now let’s turn the heat up a little bit.

You walk through the door marked sex. Are you walking through together or alone? Because that’ll make a difference. As will your mood, the time of day, maybe even what previously happened behind the food door. It all depends on you, but undoubtedly there is an...

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