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The Connection Most Couples Miss

Connection - a word with many meanings, but I’m not talking wifi baby! The word connection is super close to mine and my husband’s hearts, and to a myriad of couples who have studied with us over the years. Let me define it first, then I’ll tell you why it’s so important.

Connection is the silent, subtle, and non-verbal language of lead and follow.

Yes, we mean connection as it relates to the world of partnership dance. Now if you’re not a natural dance enthusiast don’t stop here, because most of our couples aren’t either, yet they’re the ones who benefit the most from experiencing connection in their relationships, both on and off the dance floor. And most couples don’t even realize they’re missing an entire form of communication that can deepen and strengthen their relationships. 

After all, dancing in the arms of the one you love is really about feeling all the feels, honoring the tradition of romance, and...

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How to Ignite Momentum

So I want to talk about momentum. This is such a buzz word for a dancer/yogi like me, but also for the personal development nerd in me too. Here's what's great though - and why I have any business talking about momentum - how we use momentum on the dance floor is the same way we use momentum in real life.

Like, how do we activate the momentum we're craving after months of quarantine? After extra "quarantinis" (i.e. my mom's margarita recipe made more often than normal)? After extra quarantini pounds or new baby weight in my case? How do we figure out what our new normal is in the midst of all this abnormality? And how do we motivate ourselves into action in our abnormal new normal?*

*Terrible expression, but I think it works in 2020, right? ;)

Well, as a dancer and a yogi, I have a habit of seeing the world through the lens of momentum. And ya know what? It works out. It works out because of:

  • fractals
  • because the great big universe likes to follow the sames rules over and over...
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