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6 Spooky Attractions in Eureka Springs (3 are free!)

I often refer to the charming town of Eureka Springs as a ‘storybook town.’ It’s as if you opened the pages of a fairytale or children’s book, and there’s Eureka carved out of the rolling green hillsides with Victorian homes neatly seated along limestone bluffs. Lakes and rivers abound, natural springs present an air of healing; it’s a place where the word ‘magic’ is never lost.

But Eureka Springs can also be viewed as a haunted storybook with creepy dark mansions and ghosts in the walls. It’s known to attract those interested in the spooky and unusual. With a reputation for paranormal activity, the town is no stranger to the claims of people who’ve had spiritual and otherworldly experiences. 

Here are 6 Spooky Attractions in Eureka Springs that we love to be afraid of!

They may not all be haunted, but they will definitely taunt your imagination, and while they’re all worth more than their admission price, a few...

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