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Experience Dance Dates from the comfort of your own home.

(Or, ya know, the jungle.)

Invite dance into your love story.

  • No experience needed, and we love two left feet! 
  • Get connected in a completely new way
  • Learn 12 versatile dance moves that go to any music
  • Enjoy intimate, private and fun quality time together
  • Get lifetime access via web or app!
  • Rest easy with our 30 day 'LOVE IT' money back guarantee

Sneak a peak at Dance Dates...


You'll be spinning and dipping in no time, but most importantly we teach you the language of connection. After 15 years of teaching couples together, my husband and I have learned that connection is the thing that makes hearts beat and sparks fly. Dance Dates are private, intimate, playful, and you don't even have to leave home. Here's what you get:

4 Dance Dates

Each dance date is a unique experience designed to last 90 minutes or so. One date builds on the next so you're consistently dancing and improving.

12 Versatile Moves

Learn the basics of dancing beautifully together plus fancy moves like spins and dips that are sure to impress any envious spectators. 

Class Notes

Save the class notes pdf to your phone or print for a quick review of what you learned in each date. Then sweep your partner off their feet with a spontaneous dance!

YT Playlist

We share our hand-picked YouTube playlist packed with our favorite songs to dance by. This list is full of variety and ever-growing. Listen and dance on.

"Raymond and Emily are a dynamite team with a passion for dance that is absolutely contagious! I cannot recommend Melonlight highly enough. A truly delightful experience."


"Quality of instruction was amazing and as someone who can not dance (and knows it very well) and therefore is extremely self conscious, they helped me get over that in a hurry."


"It was worth every penny! We had a fun time connecting with one another, learning to listen to each other, and bonding on a different level that we've never experienced before."


Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Date is for couples at any age or any stage in their relationship. Maybe you’ve never danced together before or maybe you have, but you will definitely learn something new and have incredible date nights along the way. Beginner and intermediate dancers welcome!

  • 4 virtual Dance Dates
  • 12 versatile dance moves
  • Class notes pdfs for each date night
  • Our favorite YouTube playlist of songs to dance by
  • Our secret approach to creating a fabulous date night
  • Lifetime access from your device via web or app

Login to from your preferred device with the email and password you used to purchase your Dance Dates or you can follow the link in your purchase confirmation email. 

You can also login with the free Kajabi app available in your app store. Login and access just the same!

The content is yours forever to replay as many times as you’d like.

Each Dance Date is designed to last about 90 minutes. But many couples follow our tips to create a full date night experience around the class lasting 2-4 hours.

Couples may also repeat Dance Dates to refine their new skills, easily transforming this series into 8 or even 12 date nights.

Over the last 15 years we’ve been teaching about 25 different partnership dances, and for this series we’ve isolated the most versatile and stylish moves from dances like swing, foxtrot, tango, and traditional slow dancing to bring you a unique style that feels natural, playful and romantic. With a little practice, you’ll be able to translate these dance moves to any social setting or style of music.

Yes! This is great for a wedding dance. Not only will you learn some beautiful moves together, but because we focus on connection, you’ll also take away some great lessons that will inspire your relationship off the dance floor as well.

We know, between the two of you, you have at least three left feet, maybe four. But nobody dances until they dance! It’s a learned skill, so don’t expect to be masters of the floor right away. Most partners who are resistant to learning are actually just nervous and don’t want to be embarrassed in front of you or others.

Experiencing Dance Date from the privacy of your own home relieves that anxiety and makes learning to dance fun and easy. Encourage your partner to try something new with you. The outcome is always worth it!

Absolutely! We want you and your partner to be totally satisfied, so you have 30 days to request a no hassle refund.

My husband and I are certified professional ballroom dance instructors, and I’m also a certified yoga teacher. We have over 40 years combined experience teaching, performing, and inspiring couples to make dance a part of their relationship. 

This isn’t our hobby, it’s our passion and our career and we take it seriously - oh but we have tons of fun too! It’s our mission to deliver inspiring quality content that has a lasting impact on your relationship and your ability to dance together. 

Plus we offer a unique approach focusing on connection and versatile movement. This is an at-home dance program unlike any other you will find. And we’re a couple in love, just like you, always looking for something exciting and romantic to keep things fresh.

Of course you can! Just be sure to click one of the buttons that says "Give Dance Dates to someone else." Complete your purchase and a coupon code will be sent to you to send to someone you love. 

Yes, you can email us at [email protected] with any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

"Wow! We are having so much fun with Dance Dates. We've taken a handful of lessons together in the past and though we enjoyed ourselves, nothing really stuck. We'd be frustrated because we'd forget the steps. With Raymond and Emily's connection method we can move to any music! After just one lesson and ten minutes of practice on our own, we are moving to the music and enjoying dancing together. I can't wait to see what the next three lessons bring for us. This is totally changing the way we dance together. THANK YOU!"

Maggie + Matt

"Everything they do, they do with excellence. You will never meet more genuinely nice people. Love them and of course their dancing!"


"So the class was excellent. I got more out of the first class than I have ever learned in any other dance classes. Thanks! "

Spence + Tammy

Here's a quick recap of everything you get:

  • 4 Dance Dates that teach you to connect in a new way, often repeated for 8 or 12 date nights ($497 value)
  • 12 versatile dance moves that can be used to a wide variety of music ($197 value)
  • Class notes pdfs from each date night for quick and spontaneous dance review ($97 value)
  • YouTube playlist of our favorite music to dance by ($97 value)
  • BONUS! Our 5 tips for creating a fabulous date night! It's a cool trick we use when producing shows, and you can apply to it any experience. 
That's a total value of $888 - what?! But (thanks to the internet) we can share our passion with so many more couples, so it's yours for just $97.

Couples, it's time to connect.

We know the power of partnership dance, it's at the heart of our love story. And it's so much more than movement and music. It's love that stays fresh and lively. It's your relationship in dream mode.

See you in Dance Dates.

melon love,
Emily + Raymond

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