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Give the Perfect Gift for 2020


I know, I just used the word ‘perfect’ and ‘2020’ in one phrase, and you’re thinking ‘has she lost it?’ And the answer is YES! But that’s because my darling babies are craaaaazy! #lovethemso

There are some graces hidden in a year of unexpected, unprecedented chaos, and one of those graces is this fantastic idea I had that I’ll be implementing this gift-giving season.

Short story. I, like so many of you home-bound bodies, cleaned and organized every square inch of my home this year. As a family, we got rid of lots of stuff. But as a family, we just keep accumulating more. My inner being tends toward minimalism, my American ego, however, tends toward Amazon. Just being honest. So I decided, in an effort to keep the closets uncluttered, and in effect, add far more enrichment to the gift receiving experience, as a family, we will be giving gifts that take up time, not space. 

I’m talking about gifts that define a unique or...

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