Make Date Night (or any event) 10 Times Better


So my husband and I are bringing back date night. How’s yours been? Or do you not have one? Or are all of your nights so steamy, dreamy, and romantic that you don’t need one? Sorry, just curious. 

I don’t know about you, but we need date night. Quick update. Raymond and I have been home a lot since March #2020. In that time we had a new baby to join our darling and wily dinosaur toddler. (Seriously he calls me ‘Mommy Dinosaur’ - it’s adorable, and fitting because he’s actually a dinosaur.) Also my mom has been staying with us off and on throughout the summer. And we’re transitioning our business online. Did I mention we’ve been home a lot?

It’s good though. I’m actually quite a home-body and enjoy the spaciousness we have in the Ozark forest. But I say again, we need date night. And I know that a lot of couples need date night too. I also think a lot of couples need some inspiration, and honestly, to up their at-home-date-night game. If you’ve also been staying home a lot, then it can be strange to find the boundaries. Where’s work? When’s school? Who’s crying?  

So how, my darlings, do we transform the home of everything into the home of a thrilling date night?

Raymond and I use this same process when we’re creating shows or special events. It’s so simple and anyone can do it, but most people don’t. Are you ready?

When creating an experience meant to be enjoyable ENGAGE ALL 5 SENSES.

I don’t even have to tell you how to do that, but be sure to do that as you join us this week in bringing back date night. Did I just assume you were going to do it? 

So the babysitters are booked and we’ll be enjoying a Sunday dance date of Tango + Tapas. And we’ll be sure to thrill all of the senses. Will you? 

So here’s how we’ll do it. 


We’ll clean our kitchen and living room (i.e. our dance floor) and add special touches of beauty. Maybe Raymond will bring me flowers. Raymond are you reading this? We’ll also beautify the bedroom, wink wink.

And even though we’re staying home, we’ll dress the part. Tango silhouettes, dance shoes, jewelry, lipstick and all that jazz. I mean tango.


We’ll play music to match the dance and mood, a mixture of old records and relevant YouTube playlists. 


We’ll throw some lovely things on a lovely plate, minimalistic -a variety of cheese, olives, raw fruits and vegetables, did I mention olives? And bubbly, cava brut. 


We’ll enjoy the scent of delicious food, nag champa incense, and the rose oil I wore on our wedding day. 


We’ll tango. It’s the most subtle, sensual and communicative of all the partnership dances, and it’s one of our favorites. We’ll dance what we know and then play and learn something new. And then we’ll have more cheese and bubbly. 

Does that sound like effort? Well that may be, but it’s not Netflix and chill, it’s a proper date night. We’re kind of particular about it. But it’s honestly what makes our date nights amazing, focused, and memorable. I invite you try the 5 senses process for your next date night this weekend. #assumptiveclose

If you want to add some of that TOUCH element to your date night, in a new and powerful way, then check out our new at-home Dance Dates where we focus on the best part, connection. 

Also check out this week's WLC episode at the Melonlight Dance channel on YouTube for an interesting bit of tango trivia AND how to do the tango embrace. You can use it this weekend for a sweet and easy slow dance. 

Happy date night dance date.


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