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Make Date Night (or any event) 10 Times Better


So my husband and I are bringing back date night. How’s yours been? Or do you not have one? Or are all of your nights so steamy, dreamy, and romantic that you don’t need one? Sorry, just curious. 

I don’t know about you, but we need date night. Quick update. Raymond and I have been home a lot since March #2020. In that time we had a new baby to join our darling and wily dinosaur toddler. (Seriously he calls me ‘Mommy Dinosaur’ - it’s adorable, and fitting because he’s actually a dinosaur.) Also my mom has been staying with us off and on throughout the summer. And we’re transitioning our business online. Did I mention we’ve been home a lot?

It’s good though. I’m actually quite a home-body and enjoy the spaciousness we have in the Ozark forest. But I say again, we need date night. And I know that a lot of couples need date night too. I also think a lot of couples need some inspiration, and honestly, to up their...

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