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"A whirlwind of twisted events. Loved it!"


A Captivating Performance

in a Historic Ballroom


Like all Melonlight Productions, I Haunt You is an original play like no other. This elegant ghost story is a two hour seated entertainment experience, embellished with magnetic dancing, marvelous costumes, and of course, a bit of fright.

"Utterly amazing, as always!"


This daring stage performance features only two actors telling the suspenseful stories of three different couples, brilliantly intertwined. The show features fabulous lighting, an incredible soundscape and a story that captivates  audiences inside the historic white walls of the Melonlight Ballroom in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The show was designed for an intimate setting with intentionally limited seating. Our theater-in-the-round gives every guest a beautiful vantage point. Arrive, relax, and get lost in the beauty of this haunting performance.

BYOB for All - Limited Seating - VIP Lounge Seats Available
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Our Guests Say It Best

Thanks to our sweet audience members. We love doing meet and greets after the show! Why wouldn't we, when our guests say fabulous things about us? ;)


"This was phenomenal! A definite must see when you're in Eureka Springs." 



"Fantastic experience! Very immersive, pulls you in. Actors are amazing! Great photo opportunity after. Recommended!"



"Brilliant! Amazing cast! Highly recommend!"



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A Haunted Love Story

What if you had a perfect love? And then one day, it vanished? What if your lover died, but their love just wouldn't? 

Upon entering our unique entertainment venue, you'll meet Caroline, a mistress at Shiner's Saloon. Later she'll introduce you to Luis and Lorelei, a rustic and seductive pair harboring a dark secret in the back rooms of that dusty old American saloon. 

With a flash of light, you'll transcend time to meet the elegant Rose and her charming William from across the pond, the Atlantic that is. Their love is the kind fairytales are written about...almost. 

In another blink, you'll find yourself in Brooklyn circa 1960 in Michael and Sheila's stylish apartment. They're about to leave for their honeymoon. "It's going to be perfect..." she thinks.

Each of these enchanting couples, played by husband and wife / show creators Raymond and Emily Ulibarri, are searching for their own Manifest Destiny, their bright future, their American dream.

When a unique tragedy befalls each couple, "I heart you" becomes "I haunt you" in this undeniably romantic and thought provoking ghost story.  

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Another Rave Review

We are nothing as theater makers without our audience. 


"We were blown away by the intensely haunting and cerebral storyline, the super synchronized audio, visuals, and lighting FX, and of course, the top notch performances."



"What a treasure to have in Eureka Springs. Amazing production! Amazing actors! The night was fabulous. I highly recommend seeing this show!"



"I absolutely loved all the characters! I also love the setting and every bit of the costumes. They must be magicians to change so quickly. Definitely a must see. Excellent!"


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for Eureka Springs

Melonlight Productions

In the Press + On the Stage

"Such an amazing show! We weren't sure what to expect, this was so wonderful!"








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Meet the Creators


Emily Ulibarri

[Writer, Co-Director/Producer, Actress]

Emily and Raymond Ulibarri have been creating works for the stage together for the past 20 years. Having fell in love on the dance floor (back in high school) and with an in depth education of ballroom dance and storytelling, their onstage chemistry is apparent - and real.


Raymond Ulibarri

[Designer, Co-Director/Producer, Actor]

Both share a love of the spooky genre, and are obsessed with producing only original work. Raymond and Emily have defined their creative voices under their company, Melonlight Productions. I Haunt You may be the clearest and most breathtaking expression of that voice yet.







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That Sounds like 5 Stars to me...

You know, we're simply dying to entertain you.

"Authentic, imaginative, unique, stupendous, moving, flowing, deceiving, energetic, loving, and just plain fun! Loved it!"


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"Amazing! It was like watching a book play out in my head. You guys made me love plays."


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Thank You to our Lovely Audience!

We're honored to entertain you.

"Moving, very, very moving... and cool!"



"There are not enough words to explain how amazing this show was. The lighting was super cool and the story had me hooked. It was a full experience from the minute I walked in the door." 



"Very professional and fun. The story is truly intriguing.  Highly recommend."



"My wife and I have been to Eureka Springs many times, and have decided we will not go back without seeing a show from these people. Same show or different, don't care, it was that good."    


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