Meet Melonlight.


Melonlight is a word. A play on the expression 'to be in the limelight.' A spotlight of our own creation. Where we dance and entertain in our own unique fashion.

For us, Melonlight founders, the word is an umbrella for our ever-growing body of work: rooted in dance, grown into one-of-a-kind theater performances, and expanded to serve couples in love (just like us). Experience Melonlight online or in our historic downtown venue in Eureka Springs, Arkansas where you can get hitched, see a show, or learn to dance. 

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Meet Emily.


Emily Ulibarri is a Melonlight co-founder, theater maker, writer, actress, dancer, choreographer, teacher, wife, mother, and most simply put, a woman. 

A woman who is hell-bent on making each subsequent show she writes the best damn one yet. She's passionate about entertaining and serving her clients from the heart.

Her eclectic education and experience as an entrepreneur gives her a unique vantage point from which to create beautiful work and connect with people whom she hopes to inspire.

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Meet Raymond.


Raymond Ulibarri is a Melonlight co-founder, theater maker, graphic/video/sound designer, actor, dancer, choreographer, teacher, husband, father, and most simply put, a man. 

A man who is as charismatic behind-the-scenes as he is on stage and for his students on the dance floor. His endless creativity pushes boundaries - boundaries that he could care less about.

He was born a natural entertainer, making stages out of nothing, magnetizing crowds where there weren't any. And he's just as humble as can be. He can't wait to meet you, entertain you, then take a picture with you after. Seriously. 

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