Give the Perfect Gift for 2020


I know, I just used the word ‘perfect’ and ‘2020’ in one phrase, and you’re thinking ‘has she lost it?’ And the answer is YES! But that’s because my darling babies are craaaaazy! #lovethemso

There are some graces hidden in a year of unexpected, unprecedented chaos, and one of those graces is this fantastic idea I had that I’ll be implementing this gift-giving season.

Short story. I, like so many of you home-bound bodies, cleaned and organized every square inch of my home this year. As a family, we got rid of lots of stuff. But as a family, we just keep accumulating more. My inner being tends toward minimalism, my American ego, however, tends toward Amazon. Just being honest. So I decided, in an effort to keep the closets uncluttered, and in effect, add far more enrichment to the gift receiving experience, as a family, we will be giving gifts that take up time, not space. 

I’m talking about gifts that define a unique or new experience - thus forging a lifetime memory.

I’m talking about gifts that expand the mind and body in new directions (also known as learning.)

I’m talking about gifts that will entertain through a winter of potential COVID lock downs. 

I’m talking about online courses, classes, and experiences. They fit the bill on all accounts:

  • They take up time, not space (i.e. quality time spent together)
  • They facilitate a new experience (if you shop accordingly)
  • They are often educational, yet fun (winter friendly, at home entertainment)

So here’s what I’m thinking for my family. My toddler loves to fly through the air on my feet as I “relax” on the living room cowhide rug. I’m also a yoga teacher. So while his interest is captivated by movement, I will be sure to nurture it. I’m on the prowl for an Online Acro-yoga Class, even better if I find one geared toward mom and child. 

My husband - when he’s not busy sweeping me off my feet, chasing our children, or making beautiful things for our ballroom - is also a photographer. But it’s one of those things he always wants to gain more knowledge and experience in, but rarely finds time for. So for him, a Photography Course AND (this part is so important) time alone to engage with it. That means I also give the gift a quiet house as I snag our littles and tote them off to the ballroom to practice acro-yoga. See how this is all fitting together? 

**Emily smiles with a raised chin showing her self-satisfaction.**

**Enter husband with alarmingly loud children reminding Emily to work faster and stay focused.**

So for my little-little, he is only six months old as I write this, no screen time. Audio however, we’re all about. I’ll be gathering a collection of Children’s Audio Books - you know the ones with musical accompaniment and gentle sound effects. These are great in the background providing a calming, focused effect. And it gives those sweet little ears more story time than I could possibly fit into a day. 

Here’s a few more online gift ideas to get you thinking creatively about unique experiences you can give to your loved ones:

  • Music lessons (voice, guitar, drums, harmonica)
  • Language lessons (I think Santa might bring our family Spanish lessons as we prepare for our Costa Rica adventure 2021. Santa, can you hear me?)
  • Dance lessons (like Dance Dates created by my husband and I for couples to connect at home, check them out at right here.)
  • Cooking lessons
  • Meal plan services (my favorite is a weekly plant based plan by Clean Food Dirty Girl)
  • Art lessons (painting, drawing, crafting, jewelry making)
  • Yoga lessons
  • Writing workshops (help someone complete a book they’ve been meaning to write)

I know that most of these are not direct links that will magically fill your cart, but I wouldn’t want to rob you of the creative, thoughtful and rewarding process of deciding what to get your loved ones. I just want to invite you to think beyond stuff and into experience, expansion, and memories made.

Yep, I got kind of sappy at the end there, but that’s what the holiday season does to me, along with people eating alone, going to the theater, and baby bunnies. I’m kind of a softy like that. So here’s wishing you a joyful and creative holiday shopping experience in 2020.

**Please note that I do not make commissions on any gift ideas mentioned above, except Dance Dates which is my product, so yes I make money on that one.**


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