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Experience one of a kind immersive theater in a unique historic venue in downtown Eureka Springs. Created by professional husband and wife duo/Melonlight founders, with twenty years of experience in original production, their shows promise to be compelling, spooky, gorgeous, funny, sexy, and damn good 'til the last drop. 


Silence in the Jungle
I Haunt You

What to Expect

Each production is professionally and artistically written, directed, produced and performed. These experiences are intimate by design, limited to 30 guests at a time, ensuring everyone has a perfect vantage point while seated in our beautiful, historic ballroom. While each show is unique, they always feature a captivating story, professional acting and dancing, stunning lighting, fabulous costumes, and soundtracks that transport you into our characters' world. BYOB, relax and let us entertain you in reliable five star fashion.

You will be on the edge of your seat until the very last moment!

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Silence in the Jungle

May 17th - July 27th 2024

Our guests are continually amazed at how they feel like they're actually in the jungle with the characters in this spooky, romantic, and philosophical journey down the Central American river. Snakes and jaguars are something to fear, but what about the legend of the Lady in White? BYOB to this suspenseful experience called Silence in the Jungle. 

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I Haunt You

Returning Fall 2024

I Haunt You tells the comical, frightening, and romantic love stories of three couples across three different eras, all played by two actors. Lost in the gorgeous costuming and skillful acting, you'll find yourself falling in love with our characters; but as their worlds fall apart, you'll find yourself haunted. BYOB and relax at the Melonlight Ballroom. 

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