How to Ignite Momentum

So I want to talk about momentum. This is such a buzz word for a dancer/yogi like me, but also for the personal development nerd in me too. Here's what's great though - and why I have any business talking about momentum - how we use momentum on the dance floor is the same way we use momentum in real life.

Like, how do we activate the momentum we're craving after months of quarantine? After extra "quarantinis" (i.e. my mom's margarita recipe made more often than normal)? After extra quarantini pounds or new baby weight in my case? How do we figure out what our new normal is in the midst of all this abnormality? And how do we motivate ourselves into action in our abnormal new normal?*

*Terrible expression, but I think it works in 2020, right? ;)

Well, as a dancer and a yogi, I have a habit of seeing the world through the lens of momentum. And ya know what? It works out. It works out because of:

  • fractals
  • because the great big universe likes to follow the same rules over and over again
  • because physics works the same on the dance floor as it does in our internal landscapes

It works because momentum is momentum. And so it doesn't matter if you identify with movement in the same way I do. Your life is affected by whatever momentum you're embracing. 

So here's how I utilize momentum to create upward spirals in the direction of my desire. 

I start by focusing on one thing that is a shoe-in for me. Meaning it always invokes positive energy, I love it, and it doesn't matter what you or anyone says, it makes me happy!

For me, it's sweating in nature. That means a good long walk with 'little O' in the baby carrier making me work 10 pounds harder. It's a run to say hello to the cows down our country road. It's a self-lead Latin dance cardio session in the Arkansas heat on my back porch. It's a jog around a campground before hitting the swim beach.

It doesn't matter the color or detail, what matters is the form. For me it's sweating in nature. And then, everything that follows that upward feeling action has a positive upward feeling to it as well.

It's that simple. 

So what's the upward momentum, feel good, hands down, no matter what, love it action in your life?

It's important to find one that's untouchable. It's your tool, it's your go-to, get out-of-jail free card. So I like to start my days by sweating in nature. But let's be real, I don't always start that way. Sometimes I need a good kick in the pants from my man. But when I need it, when I feel myself slipping into doubt, lethargy, or anxiety I know exactly to do, and I know it works.

I'll say one more thing, and I'm not trying to convince you to love dance and yoga the way I do (although that would be fun to connect on). I'm encouraging you to find your sure-fire favorite. BUT...

Physical activity has extra, built-in, scientific benefits called...endorphins!!! Bet you already knew that, but often neglect to acknowledge it when you need it most. So get your body in motion and watch as the momentum permeates every facet of your happy, sweet, upward spiraling life. 

Don't take my word for it. Experiment on yourself, like a yogi (like a person) should.

If you want to incorporate movement into your relationship to keep it in healthy upward spiraling momentum then check out Dance Dates.

Thanks for your eyes, your time, your heart. 


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